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Assembly Program Description

  • Author and Character
  • 45 minutes to 1 hour - tailored to audience
  • Introduction
    - Share mission. Encourage kids and families to make habits of saving money & reading
    - Share brain to book process and background on the development of our first book
       - Emphasize importance of revising work
       - Emphasize importance of predicting as a reading strategy
    •   Read book #1 / It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! (audience predicts chapter titles)
    •   Ask and answer questions on book and saving
    •   Play signature song "Get in the Habit!" and have kids sing along
    Sammy Rabbit (costume character) makes surprise entrance
    •   Perform Sammy Skits (Charades)
        - What's a Habit?
        - Are Saving and Reading Important Habits? Why?
        - How does saving make you feel?
        - What are you saving for? (College)
        - How much should kids get in the habit of saving?
    - Where is a safe place to save that pays?
    •   Audience Questions & Answers
    •   Optional: Read book #2 / Will Sammy Ride the World First Space Coaster?
    •   Optional: Brainstorm ideas for additional Sammy stories or music
    •   Optional: Play additional Sammy music
    •   Pictures, Autographs, Distribute Books & Music (Sponsored or Purchase)

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