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“Interviews with Money Experts”
Robert Baracrella
Founder “The Monetta Funds”
Author “Money Working for You”
Louis Barajas
Author “The Latino Journey to Financial Greatness”
& "Small Business, Big Life"
Certified Financial Planner
Janet Bodnar
Columnist/Deputy Editor, “Kiplinger”
Author “Raising Money Smart Kids”
& “Dollars and Sense for Kids”
Jane Quinn Bryant
Columnist “Newsweek”
Author “Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People” and
“Making the Most of Your Money”

Here’s What You Had to Say About:
Why the U.S. is more of a spending rather than saving culture and why the U.S. savings rate is at its lowest since the Great Depression.
Michael Chindamo
Creator “Family Financial Advocate Journal”
Certified Financial Planner
Michael Fischer
Author “Saving and Investing”
Gary Foreman
Publisher “The Dollar Stretcher Ezine”
Steve Rosen
Columnist “Kansas City Star”
Garrett Sutton
“Rich Dad” Advisor
Radio Host, “Entrepreneur Radio”
Liz Weston Pulliam
Columnist, “MSN Money”
Author “Deal With Your Debt” & “Your Credit Score”

Eric Tyson
Author, Personal Finance for Dummies



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