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Why Save Money? Six Year Old Knows ©

Saving money involves forgoing immediate gratification. It demands discipline and requires sacrifice. That’s a lot. So, why save?

The best reason to “get in the habit” of saving money I can think of was best stated by six year old Mohamed Kady in a recent column written by Anna Voelker in the Rockford Register when he said “the reason I save is so I can get stuff!”

He might have added, when I want it.

Saving is an extremely empowering behavior. It is a key to making dreams come true. It is also a key to insuring children have a better and brighter future than their parents.

Saving makes us strong! It is a mind set. It provides direction and focus. It is a life strategy that provides time to determine what we really value and gives us the means to obtain it.

Saving money has a triple “P” effect. It positions us to be better prepared and protected. Yes, saving money prepares us for opportunity and protects against emergencies. It also protects us against ourselves and poor spending decisions.

Among some of the most significant opportunities saving money positions us for are: (1) more freedom and independence. When we save, more choices are available to us; (2) home ownership; (3) advanced education; (4) small business ownership; (5) stock ownership; and (6) other investments.

Saving also better positions us to help others, children, family, and friends. It makes us feel good and builds self esteem. It also helps us stay in control.

As a result of being more prepared, saving money normally means more security and peace of mind. It means less stress, fewer arguments and poor spending choices.

And best of all, saving means, “I can get stuff,” when I want it, without any major side effects, ask any six year old!
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Is it important to get in the habit of saving money? Is it important to get children in the habit of saving money? Why or why not? What are some of your reasons for saving?

Sam X Renick is the author of two financial books for children: It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! and Will Sammy Ride the World’s First Space Coaster?; he also produced the music CD titled Get in the Habit!; and is the founder of The It’s a Habit! Company, Inc., a socially conscious corporation dedicated to providing parents and educators with wholesome, entertaining and educational tools that help them encourage children to develop good habits, especially saving money.


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