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KFWB-AM 6/1/11
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Sammy packs them in at CTA sponsored Family Read Night!

Sammy celebrating saving at Dr. Crisp Elementary in
Nashua, New Hampshire, with principal, Jane Quigley,
thanks to the New Hampshire Jumpstart Coalition!

Sammy at financial literacy conference with Dan Iannicola,
U.S. Treasury, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial
Education and Laura Levine, Executive Director,
Jumpstart Coalition!

Sam X Renick accepts Richard Myles Johnson Beacon
Award nomination for outstanding youth financial education.

Institute for Financial Literacy Education Program of the Year 2010
LMU Entrepreneurs Wall of Honor 2009
Institute for Financial Literacy It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit - Book of the Year 2008
California Jump$tart Coalition Leaders in Personal Financial Literacy - Fall 2007
Richard Myles Johnson Foundation Beacon Finalist 2004

Honors Other Trainers-Educators-Organizations Have Garnered Using It's a Habit Tools:
CUNA 2012 Diamond Award: Alliant CU, It's a Habit
Educator: University of Maryland National Felker Award 2009
Trainer: DuPont Community CU Desjardins Award Financial Education 2008
Teen Trainers: FCCLA Texas Teens Gain Gold in National Competition 2008
Trainer: Northwest FCU Desjardins Award Financial Education 2007

-State of California, Certificate of Recognition, 49th Assembly District
-State of California, Certificate of Recognition, 45th Assembly District
-City of Inglewood, Proclamation
-City of Los Angeles, Proclamation
-City of Monterey Park, Proclamation
-National, Jumpstart Coalition, A National Non Profit Financial Literacy Agency, Soaring Star Nominee
-City of Baldwin Park, Adopt A School Program

Journal of Family Consumer Sciences"Financial Literacy: Young Children and Educators"  (Copy available upon request)
NPR  A habit of learning about money  Video

Air Force Aid Society  Innovative Early Financial Education
Arkansas Democrat Gazette Savvy Sammy
Kiplinger Magazine Saving with Sammy Rabbit  How to Teach Young Kids to Save
National Book Festival 
Rock Read and Save Tour  Pic Gallery
Teach Children to Save Week  Pic Gallery
US Treasurer Anna Escobedo joins Sammy Rabbit at Barcroft ES

AFCPE Standard CD captures our attention (pg 13)
Boston Globe Planning ahead can help keep holiday spending out of the red
Marketwatch Money Smarts
Metro Herald Northwest FCU Foundation Supports Children Financial Education
Moneywatch Financial literacy: Kids get new money lessons  In Downturn Kids Get New Money Lessons
Motley Fool Teach your kids to save
MSN What Kids Need to Know About Money  Money Lesson for Preschoolers  
New York Times Teaching Children About Money is a Two Way Street
Pros Know: Personal Finance Tools That are a Hit with Experts See Gerri Detweiler
Star Tribune: The queen of financial literacy
Stuggart Daily Leader Park Avenue gets in the habit   Sammy Rocks Arkansas
Sun Sentinel Plenty for Kids to Read on the Investing Shelf
Univision: El futuro de tus hijos
Washington Post Kids Get Money Smart
Yahoo Finance David Bach - Five Gifts that Teach Kids About Money

Air Force Aid (AFAS) Financial Education Initiative: AFAS Sammy Rabbit Financial Education Initiative
DoD Financial Readiness Initiative America's Financial Experts Educate Military Families 
Military Connection Readiness Challenge Events to Help Families Manage Finances
Military Family News Sammy Rabbit
Military Saves Website:
Northwest Military.Com  Air Force Aid Society Helps in Time of Need

 Military Saves Week Rufus Bundridge, Personal Financial Manager at the Fleet and Support Center Reads and Sings with Kids at CDC  
NSA Panama City Sammy Rabbit Reading

Fort Polk Sammy Rabbit visits Polk Elementary
Fort Sill Sammy Rabbit Teaches Kids How to Save Money
Monmouth AB
 Saving money Sammy Rabbit
Walter Reed AMC Your Financial Future  Sammy Rabbit Shares Secret with Kids at Walter Reed

Andrews AFB Supporting Fisher House XMAS Celebration:  
Aviano AB Money saving rabbit visits Aviano children
Buckley AFB A&FRC to host Buckley Saves Day
Charleston Joint Base Teaching children financial literacy  
YoAFF provides financial planning and family fitness for JB CHS (Pg 9)
Davis Monthan AFB Sammy Rabbit targets younger audience during Military Saves Week

Ellsworth AFB Picture Gallery: Sammy Rabbit Visits Local School 
Elmendorf AFB  Rainy Day     5/13 Students taught to save for a rainy day  
Fairchild AFB Sammy Rabbit visits Fairchild  Sammy Rabbit visits Michael Anderson Elementary
Lakenheath AB Sammy Rabbit helps Lakenheath kids save money
Los Angeles AFB Financial Readiness  Sammy Rabbit visits the base teaches kids about saving
*Malmstrom AFB Military Saves Week It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit Story Readings
Misawa AB Children practice good habits with Sammy Rabbit
Peterson AFB
 Sammy teaches more than collecting candy, saving money
Spangdahlem AB Sammy Rabbit visits Spangdahlem Air Base
Tinker AFB
 Financial presentation helps change children's lives one dime at a time
Tyndall AFB Youth saving money for the future
Vandenberg AFB Picture Gallery from Performance PICTURES
Wyoming News/FE Warren AFB For Freedom Students, A Penny Saved is a Lesson Earned

Military Saves Week
 Sammy Promotes Saving to Military Families
Military Youth Saves Kids
Joint Base MDL Celebrates Military Saves Week

 - Association of Military Banks of America Military Saves Resources for Youth
DCUC- Defense Credit Union Council Newsletter Warren FCU Supports Military Families

DuPont Community Credit Union Desjardins Youth Financial Education Winner 
Northwest Federal Credit Union Northewest FCU Wins State Award   Earns Financial Literacy Award  Social Responsibility
Richard Myles Johnson Foundation Beacon Best Practices in Financial Education
Texas Credit Union Foundation Texas Teens Gain Gold in National Competition 

Arlington VA Federal Credit Union Barcroft Elementary School  US Treasurer Anna Escobedo joins Sammy Rabbit at Barcroft ES
*Belvoir Federal Credit Union Pre Schoolers/Kindergartners Receive Lessons in Financial Responsibility
California-Nevada Youth Involvement Network Newsletter Saving with Sammy Rabbit (Pg 4)
Credit Union Miracle Day Sammy Rabbit Goodies
*Global Credit Union Sammy Rabbit visits Fairchild
Los Angeles Financial Credit Union LA Financial CU Slam Dunks Illiteracy  President and Chairman's Report/Annual Report
Library of Congress Federal Credit Union National Book Festival 
Hampton Road Educators Credit Union Sammy Rabbit
*Hickam Federal Credit Union Making a difference in our children's lives (Pg 2)
New York Credit Union Foundation Newsletter Why we should teach kids about money early (Pg 5)
NW Federal Credit Union NWFCU Foundation Supports Vienna Library (Pg. 13)  
Pasadena Federal Credit Union The Savings Plan  Girls Scouts - It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!  Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff
Telesis Community Credit Union Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff  Pleasant Hill Parade - Kids Met Sammy (Pg 10)
*Tinker Federal Credit Union Financial Presentations Help Change Children's Lives One Dime at a Time
*Warren Federal Credit Union For Freedom Students a Penny Saved is a lesson learned!  Warren FCU Supports Military Families (Pg. 11)

FDIC Social Entrepreneur Selected for FDIC AEI Committee
Bancorp South Park Ave Gets in the Habit
Citibank: Get in the Habit Video and Teach Children to Save

4H Review of Sammy Products: click here to download
Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff 
Teens: FCCLA, Texas   Texas Teens Gain Gold in National Competition
Teens: FCCLA, WI Horlick Program Teaches Families to Save Money

Arnold Foundation: Sammy Rabbit Teaches Kids to Save
Children Youth and Families Education Research Network (CYFER)  Teaching and Evaluating Tiny Tots
Dove Foundation Review Mission 1 Celebrate Saving Music CD
VITA/ Gorham, NH Family Resource Center 
Sammy Rabbit  Annual Report (Pg 14)
United Way: Get in the Habit Video and Teach Children to Save

Louisiana State University Ginger Boutwell, Family Consumer Science Agent tells the story of It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit
Rutgers University Increasing Financial Literacy 15 Interactive Financial Activities
Sam Houston State University
 It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit
South Dakota State University It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit
University of Florida Okaloosa County It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit

Personal Finance Firewall Review Teaching Kids About Money Done Right!
The Mom Blog It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!

Budgets are Sexy Budgeting with Sammy Rabbit Blog
 The Best Holiday Gift for Kids
Dollar Stretcher Teaching Money Management to Kids
Get Rich Slowly Sammy Rabbit Teaches Kids to Save
Raising CEO Kids Money, Money Monday

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