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History of the Piggy Bank

During the Middle Ages, metal was both expensive and hard to find throughout Europe. Consequently, families used clay to create their household pots and jars. Usually the type of clay chosen to make these house wares was a clay called "pygg". Pygg is an orange clay, and it was used widely at this time in Europe because it was inexpensive. Whenever a typical household had coins to save, the elected bank would more than likely be a pygg jar. Inevitably, these pygg jars became known as pygg banks over time. Later, in the eighteenth century, craftsmen were frequently asked to create pygg banks. Misunderstanding the request, the potters crafted banks in the shape of pigs and painted them likewise. These pig banks soon became popular, and even today piggy banks (shaped as pigs) are found around the world throughout diverse cultures.

Instructions on How to Make a Piggy Bank

Enchanted Learning
Instructions on making a paper mache piggy bank

Associated Content
Instructions for creating a piggy bank with your kids or students

Piggy Banks, Saving Banks, and Learning Banks:

Amazing Money Jar
The money jar recognizes and counts coins and displays a running total of change

ATM Savings Banks
A wide selection of ATM Saving Banks

Classic Piggy Banks
More than 600 piggy banks

Leapfrog Super Saver Teaching Bank
This Leapfrog bank contains songs, lights and facts that reward each deposit.

Learning Cents Bank
3 compartments designed for saving, sharing, and spending

Moonjar is a 3 compartment bank that encourages kids to save, share, and spend

Money Mama Piggy Bank
Piggy bank and book developed by Lori Mackey

Money Savvy Pig
Money Savvy Pig developed by Susan Beacham is a 4 compartment bank that encourages kids to save, invest, share, and spend

My Bambino Personalized Piggy Banks
Stylish, hand-painted personalized ceramic piggy banks from MyBambino. Choose from over 70 different hand-painted design options

Parentware Family Bank
CD that teaches kids various banking functions

Personalized Piggy Banks

Piggy Bank World
Piggy Bank World offers a variety of piggy banks and information on piggy banks.

Summit Products Inc. – YOUniverse Products
Financial education toys including a variety of saving and piggy banks

Totally Funky Piggy and Saving Banks
Piggy and money banks with a twist!


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