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My name is Sammy! I hope we will be friends. Feel free to call me Sammy or any of my nick names: “Sammy the Saver,” “Sammy Rabbit,” “the Saminator,” etc. Or you can call me by my favorite nick name, the ‘Get in the Habit Rabbit!’ I like it the best because choosing the right habits is smart. Choosing the right habits makes us powerful. It makes us STRONG – SUPER DUPER STRONG! Think about it. Most habits have predictable outcomes. That means by choosing the right habits we can create the futures we want. We can make dreams and goals come true!
Also, by choosing the right habits we set a good example. That helps us and others, especially our families and friends. It is a great way to LEAD and be a LEADER.

I like accepting challenges and going on missions. What about you? I especially like challenges that help kids and families achieve their goals and reach their dreams. My first mission is to encourage kids and their families to “Get in the Habit” of saving money. I chose saving money as my first mission because it is a gigantic global problem and difficult challenge for families. But it is a challenge I think kids can solve. Some people think saving money is hard. But I think saving money is easy, IF, you make it a habit! Tell your family and friends, that’s the secret. By getting in the habit of saving and making smart money choices, together, we can take the lead and SHOW FAMILIES THE WAY! We can help everyone, including ourselves, make many, many, many dreams and goals come true!

Your friend,

PS. Please write! I’d love to hear from you. I’m always looking for new stories, songs, sayings, strategies, and missions to help kids and families make dreams come true! Mission 2 coming soon!



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