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"Score 10. Even though the book is for Grades 2/3, my kindergarten children were engaged in the story. The idea of saving is important…Your style and messages during presentations were fun, yet important.”
Cynthia Aguirre, Sierra Elementary, 1st and 2nd Grades

“I am saving money.”
Allison, Grade 2

“Thank you for showing me how to save money a little bit at a time.” 
Andres, Grade 2

“I am getting kudos about the program and many thank yous. You two made me look GOOOOOOD!”
Bonnie Andresakes, Ft. Belvoir Federal Credit Union

“Thanks so much Sam.  It was great to have something truly valuable to give to my grandson when I came home.  He has had us read the book several times already and loves the CD.”
Margaret Aros, VITA Program Manager

"Both of these were journal entries for my student Melenka, age 6: Thank you Sam, because the idea of these books has really encouraged her to write more!”
Jean Ayala, Walnut Elementary, Grade 1
“We have started a program for children and they love the books and want more…”
Stacy Beaton, Development Director, National Foundation for Debt Management

“……I have received many positive thoughts and comments regarding the message you send… our students, families and community can benefit by implementing your principle ideas…” 
Anthony Bejarano, President, Baldwin Park Unified School District, CA

“HOORAY to Air Force Aid for funding the "Sammy Rabbit" visit.  It was a GREAT success and such a valuable money lesson to our youngest Air Force members.”
Deborah Belin, Community Readiness Technician, Pope AFB

“…read It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!”
Janet Bodnar, Author, Columnist,

“I will start saving money.”
Brandon, Grade 1

“Your music is awesome!”
Mary Ann Campbell, President, Money Magic. Inc., Professor Consumer Ed. University of Central Arkansas

“I loved hearing your story.”
Carolina, Grade 3

“… empowers children and their families….
Victoria M. Castro, Past President of the Los Angeles Board of Education

“I will read everyday. That is a very good habit. I wish people with bad habits can change so they could do good habits.”
Charlie, Grade 3

"(My son) loves it. We have to read it to him several times a day. For some reason he loves the pages on the ‘storm’ and wants to re-read them all the time.”
Annie Chase, Parent

"We at Family Value Creations,Longwood, FL  find the content, CD's and visuals very substantive."
Mike Chindamo, Family Value Creations

“We use Sammy along with his books and music in our community outreach/financial literacy programs.  Nothing in our collection of resources gets better response from children of all ages than the rhymes and reasoning of Sammy and his lyrical approach to saving.”
Dick Cooper, Telesis Community Credit Union

"… innovative and fun...check out The It's a Habit! Co….”
Humberto Cruz, Author and Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Orlando Sentinel

“My daughter loves them (she is 7) and she goes around the house singing the songs.”
Suzanne Curren, Andrews Federal Credit Union

“…The music is great!”
Stephanie Curtis, NPR, Sound Money

"What a cute story…my kids loved! I’m  not kidding. You can always tell when kids are engaged in a story and they really liked it.
Debbie, Parent

“I bought your CD and book at our conference.  They are both great.  I want to thank you for helping our kids understand the importance of financial fitness.”
Loretta DeBorde, Texas FCCLA

“I have to tell you that my little boy made me read the two books over and over (and over and over) and is now running around the hose yelling “saving is a habit, silly rabbit!”
Brett DeHavilland

“The Air Force Aid Society  is proud to partner with Sammy Rabbit as he delivers a powerful message about the importance of learning good savings habits at a very young age...”
Jim Delaney, AFAS COO and Janet Duckworth, AFAS Program Manager

“… the children really loved your presentation. My supervisor told me that had he been given that same presentation as a child, he would not be in the situation he is in now.”
Agar Dogue, Child Care Manager

“It's a a key tool… every child... need(s) to succeed...”
David Dreier, U.S. Congressman, Ca.

“…The kids definitely retained the messages from the first week because they remembered the words of the song and the chapter titles of the first book.  They enjoy the interactive method of predicting the chapter titles…”
Gretchen Ekerdt, Educator, South Central LAMP, South Central Los Angeles, CA

“…What a great idea. Teach kids to save first, then spend only what’s left...”
Giselle Fernandez, Co-Anchor, KTLA 5 Morning News

“I took a road trip this weekend with my family and we all loved the It's a Habit CD!”
Angelica Frausto, Parent

"The books I bought about Sammy have been in constant circulation….From the children’s letters you can see they had an impact. Many students stated that they are starting to save their money. A lot of the children said plan to read more books or that they would like to become writers. I think this is a testament to your enthusiastic reading and passion about saving and reading…”
Mrs. Pat Fromme, Educator, Monterey Vista School, Monterey Park, CA

“The most powerful tool in educating a child is not the curriculum or the methods of instruction. It is the quality of the relationship that forms between the teacher and the child. The great value of Sammy in promoting positive habits in children lies in the level of enjoyment and connection he inspires in the children he teaches. Sammy’s emotional appeal to young children makes them eager and enthusiastic to learn.”
Dr. Richard Gilbert, Professor of Psychology. Loyola Marymount University

“I found that we needed some energy to bring to our department and we had decided to use your materials to voice the importance of saving and setting goals. I also
decided to use the song in almost all of my elementary classrooms when giving our credit union membership presentations.  I then decided to use the CD as well for our kick-off assembly and so far in my 2 elementary schools, I have had a fantastic response, the students seem to love it.”
Cherie Good, CP Federal Credit Union

“My son loves it! It is a fun book to read.”
Karla Gotlieb

"… my colleagues and most importantly my children and the neighborhood kids, they loved it….”
Liz Guerra, LAUSD Adult and Career Education

“…As you could probably tell, the children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Many of the teachers commented that you were the best Author we have had here at Hermosa View.” 
Karen Guerrero, Librarian, Hermosa View School, Hermosa Beach, CA

“Your program …was outstanding!”
Jose Huizar, President, Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education

“Story Rating - 10. It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit is entertaining and educational. I especially like the reinforcement of subtitles throughout the chapters. Also, each chapter reinforces the concept entertainingly. The language is also appropriate for primary grades, especially for read-alouds.”
Linh Huynh, Educator, Marshall Elementary, San Gabriel, CA,

“Your program is so unique… we’d really love to help you promote it…Sammy is a kid magnet…”
Peggy Jackson, Borders Books and Music, Area Marketing Manager

“Thank you for teaching me how to save money while we are still young. When I go home I will tell my mom and dad to start saving…”
Jesiree, Grade 3

“Fantastic products…”
Mike Jones, Director of Member Education, Educational Employees Credit Union

“I loved your story and the drawings and the writing and I want to save money like the rabbit…”
Juan, Grade 2

“My boss got a letter and a whole bunch of artwork from the students at the last school we visited. He was super impressed with our efforts.”
Julie Judy, Financial Educator

“I started to save the next day.… and I told my friend Brenda and she started saving,
and I told my mom and she  started saving.” 
Juliana, Grade 4

“I liked when the rabbit showed his mom his carrots that he had saved.” 
Kiara, Grade 2

“…The products that this company has developed far surpass anything we have ever used for younger students…”
Jenny Ketchepaw, Telesis Community Credit Union, California Youth Involvement Board

Thank you for coming to our school. Do you think you can make a show about “It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!” on PBS Channel 28?”
Kevin, Grade 3   

“Our 20 month old loves anything Sammy! Recently we noted that making such a big fuss about saving our money is having an affect. During laundry duty a few coins fell out of a jean pocket.  Valerie, my daughter, beat me to the coins. I wondered why she scurried away so quickly, so I followed her, straight to the nearest piggy bank (actually shaped like a bowling ball). She deposited the coins without giving it a thought.”
Olga Acosta Lentine, Parent, Magnet Coordinator, LAUSD

“I started saving the moment we went to recess. I found four pennies at recess and five at lunch... I have an idea for the book “Will Sammy Find the Golden Cave…”
Liz, Grade 4

“I learned I should start saving while I am a child, because if I start saving as a grown-up, I will only have a little money.”
Lottie, Grade  3

“When you talked about saving money I thought I should save my money…from every dollar, save a dime.”
Lydia, Grade 2

“I have been writing a story with my pretend sister, Katie or Katelyn.”
Mary, Grade 3

"... It is like a dream come true for students to meet a REAL author! I can’t say enough about how much my students enjoyed your visit. They couldn’t stop talking about you for days! ”
Mary Lou Ortiz-Jamieson, Educator, Allison Elementary, Pomona, CA

“… students were amazed…”
Ina Lessem, Principal Van Nuys Elementary

“…I commend you for your work as I believe the lack of household savings will become a personal and national calamity over the next two decades… Teachers lack the expertise and school districts lack the resources to combat this generally perceived “benign” social problem…your tools are both entertaining and instructive learning materials...”
Dr. Robert Manning, Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, Special Assistant to the Provost

“… I learned that the kids REALLY loved your book and have saved $92.00 in change due to your teachings...”
Robert Masucci, Parent

“… presentation nicely mixes lessons on saving, reading and writing…”
John McCombs, Principal, Emerson Elementary, Quote from The Press Enterprise Newspaper, Riverside

“…a little book that can change the way kids look at money...”
Bob McCormick, KNX 1070

“I love your book because it is so cool. My cousin doesn’t know how to read good, but I let her read it now she loves it. She’s read it 5 times.”
Michael, Grade 4

“… I’ll be incorporating him into my curriculum.”
Meredith, Educator, Arcadia USD, Arcadia, CA

"...  a book every child and parent should read.”
Dr. Katy Merrill, 1999-2000 California Principal of the Year

“I was very excited to bring my staff member, Sarah, as you
influenced her a great deal and shared great insight for her.  The message
you share with the students should "grow" just as we all hope their savings
grows.  I will be sharing your message with my fellow Nationwider's…”

Melody Nelson, Nationwide

"The presenter got the students very involved through lots of participation.  Very enthusiastic!  Mr. Renick had the students totally engaged.  His books focus on reading strategies to increase comprehension."
Dr. Kirk Nicholas, Principal

“It was a joy to see three dozen first graders clapping their hands and singing along as "Sammy the Saver" taught them to get in the habit of saving!”
Courtney Nickles, Texas Credit Union League

“My kids love them. They especially love singing and dancing to "Get in the Habit".  They know all the words. It is really helping them with the concept of finance.”
Dawn Nickles, Parent

“The book was great…I liked the part where Sammy lays under the tree and says I think I’m going to explode, that was really funny. I hope you make more books for kids.”
Nicole, Grade 3

"Students were captivated by the enthusiasm and by the story that was being played out in front of them. What a wonderful way model to model to students how valuable writing and saving can be…  It’s not often you see such valuable work performed in such a professional manner.”
Mary Norris, Principal, Potrero Heights Elementary, San Gabriel, CA

“Your materials are a big hit with the folks who lead 4-H youth groups at the younger age range...”
Megan O'Neil-Haight, FAMILY, YOUTH & COMMUNITIES FINANCE EDUCATOR, Maryland Cooperative Extension

“This is GREAT! LOVED the songs!”
Variny Paladino, Parent, Jumpstart Coalition

“The music is great!”
Jayne Pearl, Author, Kids and Money

“The tune and lyrics of the songs are very contagious.  All age groups catch themselves singing the songs continually after hearing them.  They are a great way to get the important message about savings and other financial concepts in the minds of young children and adults!”
Sharon Pierce, Texas FCCLA State Adviser

“I have reviewed your materials and think they are excellent... Overall, I think your tools would be great for children (and many adults) of any age, but especially for children between the ages of 4 and 8.”
Dr. Candace Poindexter, Child Literacy Expert, Professor, Loyola Marymount University

“It has been a privilege and an honor to partner with someone so committed and passionate about teaching children the importance of saving through his Sammy the Rabbit curriculum. His program combines literacy, dance, music, and financial education in an environment that inspires children of all ages to “save a dime at a time.” My children are avid fans of his books and CDs, and have learned great lessons on the importance of money for a rainy day, recycling to save money and the environment, and turning off the lights. Any parent knows how difficult it is to teach a child to turn off the lights, but through Sam’s catchy songs and lyrics, my kids often remind me of my duty to save energy. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this recognition for his work bring important stakeholders like school district administrators, elected officials, financial institutions and parents together for the cause of financial education.”
Victor Ramirez, Citi, Vice President, Community Relations

“…Sammy captivated and had the attention of ALL the audience, from the shyest kindergartener to the coolest fifth grader as well as all of the adults.”
Maritza Del Razo, CORAL Site Coordinator, YMCA After School Program

“... Now I am saving money every day.” 
Rene, Grade 4

“…I think your approach with Sammy is not only innovative, but refreshing!”
Patti Robidart, Social Security Admin.  Deputy Regional Commissioner

“I just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed the assembly. Many children said it was the best assembly ever.”
Lucinda Romberg, Principal, Dranesville Elementary

…Our students thoroughly enjoyed your readings…music, and especially the interaction with Sammy Rabbit. Your methods for making financial literacy exciting, fun, and engaging for students – young and old – are uniquely commendable…”
Pedro Romero, Program Administrator, Boyle Heights College Institute

"In my experience doing workshops for parents on talking to their kids about money, I think that the 'It's A Habit!' program offers parents a great way to get their children started on good money habits early. They make learning about money fun, and I recommend them to our workshop attendees all the time."
Maureen Dolan Rosen, The Cash Management Connection

“…The lesson plans were very simple and useful. The kids enjoyed them and I really appreciated the fact that the content standards were included…I liked the fact that they are linked to literature (standards). It adds value to the lesson experience when the students are given the opportunity to meet the author. The presentation had a very positive impact on the students.” 
Adda Serenil, Educator, Van Nuys Elementary, Van Nuys, CA

“The event with the first and second graders in Reston, VA (a suburb of DC) went well.  I was a little concerned that the kids would be restless and distracted at 3:00 in the afternoon, but they were attentive and really enjoyed guessing the chapter titles.  They also liked the It's A Habit song (we listened to it twice!).”
Krista Shonk, Americas Community Bankers

“… I… applaud this team of young visionaries.”
Julie Stav, New York Times, & Wall St. Journal Best Selling Financial Author

“I bought the CD for my Daughter\'s Piggy Bank B.D. Party.  I didn\'t expect much from it, however, I was happy to be wrong!  My kids loved it as did I, I even found myself bopping to it.” 
Dawn Swanton

“Story Rating - 10…A good story with high interest. Having students to detect titles for each chapter was a great idea. It ties in with our standards.”
Ms. Tang, Educator, Ynez Elementary, Monterey Park, CA

"Thank you for the great job!!  The kids and advisers loved you.  I have heard of three schools that want you to come to their community."
Pat Thorsbakken, Wisconsin FCCLA Foundation, Project Director

“…a valuable resource....”
Fr. Carmine Vairo, President, Don Bosco Tech

“Now I’m going to save my money for something important like college,
instead of spending my money on junk food.”
Vanessa, Grade 3

“… engaging, educational and  entertaining...”
Justin R.Weiler, nuVision Financial Federal Credit Union, Business Development Officer

“…We have adopted Sammy the Rabbit as one of the ways we reach out to children AND parents at the same time....”
Judy Woodward, The Family Resource Center, Gorham, New Hampshire

“…the presentation enriches the skills being developed in reading and math. Further, it is an opportunity for children to develop their character.” 
Ramon Zavala, Principal, Walnut Elementary, Baldwin Park (BP), CA



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